INTIX Access: Advice and Insights on Implementing Dynamic Pricing in Theatre

Aubrey Stork leads all data-driven marketing and e-commerce activities at Mirvish Productions, Canada's largest commercial theatre production company. Through a blend of data analysis, pricing strategies, one-to-one communications and user-experience optimizations, his role has been focused on maximizing customer value. As such, he has had a proverbial front-row seat to how dynamic pricing has been used in live event spaces and how it will continue to evolve in the years to come.

About one year ago, Mirvish partnered with Digonex, a service that offers dynamic pricing solutions to a variety of businesses. Before that, the company employed dynamic pricing in the more traditional fashion (e.g., moving seats between zones, some degree of raising prices when inventory is low, etc.). One might say Mirvish is a fan of dynamic pricing.

INTIX Access sat down with Stork recently to discuss his thoughts on the benefits of dynamic pricing, the potential evolution of dynamic pricing and advice for anyone considering implementing dynamic pricing. What follows is our conversation.

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