3 Reasons AudienceView Customers are Loving Saveo Scan

3 Reasons AudienceView Customers are Loving Saveo Scan! 

Stimare is taking the lead in ticketing technology with their suite of solutions for access control. The ergonomic and intuitive design allows you to use the smartphone of your choice, but it's what's inside that really counts for these scanners.  

Here are the top 3 reasons AudienceView customers are loving Stimare's Saveo Scan solution: 

(1) Saveo Scan improves crowd/line management 

Long lines equate to chaos during visual ticket-inspection. This is a fact. The Saveo Scan barcode scanner allows a more secure and timely way to retrieve the information required to admit customers and direct them to their correct entry points, again, without the pressure of human error.   Andrew Douglas, Director of Ticketing at Mesa Arts Center manages ticketing at 5 venues with 18 separate scanning access points. He explains that the Saveo Scan " reduced cost and effectively increased the efficiency of the ticketing admission system."

(2) Saveo Scan protects you from counterfeit & fraud prevention against different ticket-types

  • Thermal tickets (physical ticket printed at box office) 

Counterfeiting is common in thermal ticketing, not to mention the large degree of human error when manually verifying tickets. Saveo scan allows for in-the-moment verification of every ticket. It renders an immediate validation response for each ticket, even if that barcode has already gained entry.

  • Print-at-home tickets (physical ticket printed by patron)

Counterfeiting is also a simple task with print-at-home tickets which means you still need to scan every ticket to verify it is valid. Poor print quality can make visual analysis of the variable data challenging too. Saveo Scans barcode scanner is optimized to enable it to scan even the most poorly printed barcodes.

  • E-ticketing (electronic ticket received via smartphone)

Counterfeiting is not an easy task with electronic tickets. The verification is done via secured methods of verification like your smartphone. Saveo Scan is designed to optimize scanning from screens. When the customer presents their ticket, ushers can be confident it will be scanned without issue.

(3) Saveo Scan improves the quality of inspection

Theater ushers have a big responsibility to physically check and verify each ticket that is presented to them. During moments of high traffic, and with a high sense of urgency, accuracy can often be overlooked.

Saveo Scan eases the pressure by taking human error out of the equation. If a ticket is found to be invalid, an AV signal will alert the usher to investigate further. Decision-making is left to the scanner to the usher can focus on delivering prime customer service. Additionally, the scanners are comfortable for users of all ages. Sarah Goodson, a Director at the Fine Arts Ticket Office at Florida State University has a "wide range of demographics who operate the scanner at events, from college students to retired volunteers. Everyone has found them very comfortable to hold and was to use."


Get the best return on your investment and make event day seamless for your team and event-goers with Saveo Scan today or explore the many options for access control that Stimare provides.



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