Virtual Waiting Room

Control website and app traffic peaks and provide a fair and transparent fan experience.

The date has been in your calendar for months. Your phone has been ringing off the hook with questions from loyal and excited customers. There was even a story in the local news. Your next major onsale is coming, and your mission? Flawless execution.

As prepared as you and your staff may be for this important day, the digital world adds a level of complexity not experienced at your physical box office. Keeping your website up and running and avoiding any downtime during times of significant traffic.  Maintaining an equitable purchase process (that is to say, allowing your customers to buy tickets for their favorite shows without the need to go to the secondary marketplace and pay inflated prices). These factors all have a significant impact on the customer journey and ultimately your organization's reputation.

AudienceView has partnered with leader in the virtual waiting room space, Queue-it, to provide you with an extra set of tools to address these challenges head-on.

Queue-it is the leading developer of virtual waiting room services to control website and app traffic peaks and maintain performance at all times by offloading visitors to an online waiting line. Queue-it helps you to provide a positive, customer-first journey by making ticket sales fair and transparent, while making sure that the tickets end up in the hands of real fans, protecting your sale against bots and fraudulent activity.

Many organizations are leveraging Queue-it to setup a ‘pre-queue’ before the opening time of a specific ticket sale. Users accessing the website/app prior to the opening time are allotted a randomized queue number once the actual sale begins, giving everyone an equal chance while allowing you to control the flow of traffic on your own servers.

Queue-it allows you to:

  • Easily provide an event-oriented experience with custom queue pages.
  • Update and inform fans on how their wait is progressing and whether tickets are still available with dynamic communication.
  • Keep your fans engaged with your queue page by playing videos, music, or sneak peeks.

Queue-it helps you keep your systems online and fans informed, blocking malicious bots and creating a personalized and engaging waiting experience on your most business-critical days - promoting trust, loyalty, and satisfaction among your customers.


Make sure you are prepared for your organization's most important days.

Find out how Queue-it and AudienceView can support your major onsales  - Fill out the submission form to explore your options!

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