Ticketing & Access Control

Secure, Mobile, and Reliable Hardware

You need ticket printers and access control you can trust. Managing ticket printing and access control requires technology that integrates with AudienceView to make tracking and reporting easy, while also providing the security and mobility that ensure a smooth event day. 

We’ve partnered with Stimare to select a suite of options that empower you to choose the right access control and technology.  

Stimare offers a range of thermal ticket printers and Saveo access control barcode scanners. Stimare's sleek desktop ticket printers and Saveo scanner options offer cutting edge technology to help you to have a smooth event day and provide you with ticket printing and access control you can rely on.

Here are some reasons AudienceView clients love using Stimare and Saveo products:

  • Proven Technology - Stimare's range of thermal ticket printers and Saveo barcode scanners can be found in visitor attractions, venues, arenas and sports stadiums all over the world.

  • Flexible - Stimare’s thermal ticket printers can print on a variety of media ranging from wristbands to full sized concert tickets. With support for industry standard printing technology you’re always covered. The Saveo range of barcode scanners gives you the flexibility to pair off the shelf mobile phones with powerful industrial scan engines. With Scan Scan, access control has never been more efficient.

  • Affordable - Stimare’s range of products is priced very competitively. Add to that, being able to combine off-the-shelf consumer technology with Saveo Scan lowers the barrier to entry to getting great ticketing and access control hardware!

Choose from a variety of options, but here are some AudienceView favorites: 

Thermal Ticket Printers

The Stima CLS offers workhorse performance in an attractive desktop package. With a host of standard features like - LCD status display, built-in cutter, dual optical sensors, USB, Ethernet and Serial connectivity. The Stima SML offers a compact printing solution without compromising on performance. Standard features include - LCD status display, dual optical sensors, USB, Ethernet and Serial connectivity. Whichever printer you choose, you get the best package of features at an affordable price along with a 2 year warranty. 

Barcode Scanners

The Saveo range of barcode scanners offers exceptional scanning performance combined with the ability to use off-the-shelf consumer smartphone and tablet technologies. Giving you one of the best access control solutions on the market. Available in a variety of form-factors there’s a Saveo product to suit every need. The 2D scanning technology offers 1D and 2D scanning even in low-light conditions. As well as scanning from smartphone screens for mobile ticketing.

Save on best-in-class printers and scanners in the market that integrate with AudienceView!

Getting started is easy - Fill out the submission form to explore your options!

If you would like to learn more about printer and scanner technology, check out this on-demand webinar with the team from Stimare.


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