Ticket Refund Guarantee

Eliminate Refund Requests and Open a Powerful Revenue Stream

Refund protection is a service that provides ticket buyers with the option to add a "refund guarantee" to their ticket purchase in a simple pop-up during the online ticket purchase flow. By drastically reducing the customer service inquiries about refund requests, it not only saves your team time, but also drives a powerful revenue stream for your organization. Additionally, you will reduce shopping cart abandonment as ticket purchasers will feel secure in knowing they can refund their ticket in the event of an emergency. Customers are happier, your team has less complaints, and you’re driving revenue for your organization. It’s a win-win-win.

We’re partnered with Booking Protect - an award-winning, best-in-class organization -  to integrate a seamless pop-up within AudienceView to make it easy to add refund protection to your online purchase flow experience.

Booking Protect is a customer focused, technology driven refund specialist that helps you increase customer satisfaction by providing refund protection against ticket purchases. Launching Booking Protect will allow your customers to apply for a full refund in case certain unforeseen circumstances occur and they're unable to make it to an event.

Your customers are in good hands with Booking Protect. Their digital claims service and dedicated customer service agents are able to provide the fastest, most complete service, in the shortest amount of time with no additional time or resources needed from you!

Here's How It Works:

  1. Ticket buyers see a pop-up, designed with your branding standards, that provides them with the option to purchase ticket protection.

  2. Booking Protect handles all elements of the refund in the case that an event goer could not make it to the event.

  3. Voila! Your customers are happy and you've opened up a new revenue stream.

Here are some reasons AudienceView clients love working with Booking Protect:

 Gives Your Customers Peace of Mind - The entire booking is covered and there is a wide scope of coverage. 

High Quality Customer Service - fewer time consumer customer complaints and refund requests. Your customers are given the freedom and flexibility to apply for a refund up to 45 days after the start of the booked event. 

Easy to Set Up - simple and seamless integration with AudienceView platform 

New Revenue Stream - extra revenue generated through every sale


"Booking Protect is added incentive for our patrons to protect their purchase. The process was easy to implement, seamless and efficient for the customer. Every organization should take advantage of this added revenue stream."

-David Cushing, Vice President Ticketing, SHN

Getting started is easy!  

Fill out the submission form to explore your options!

Interested in a deeper dive on refund protection? Check out this 30-minute webcast with the team from Booking Protect.

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