Booking Protect and Mirvish Theatre Group Partner to Change the Way Mirvish Handles Ticket Cancellations for Their Guests

March 21, 2018 Danielle Pinnock

Mirvish Theatre Group partnered with Booking Protect to offer their guests comprehensive refund protection for their tickets and eliminated customer service issues around cancellations.

The Challenge:

As an organization, Mirvish had worked hard to accommodate guests when they couldn’t attend a production on the initial date of their ticket purchase.

As their venues began booking more blockbuster shows with tighter ticket supplies and the on-sale dates became earlier and earlier, Mirvish needed to find a way to offer their guests another solution in the event that a guest couldn’t make a show due to weather, illness, or some other issue.

This made offering some kind of refund protection not just a want, but a need to help ensure that they were meeting the demands of the modern consumer.


After investigating the market for Refund Protection to offer their customers, Mirvish decided to partner with Booking Protect. For Mirvish there were several deciding factors: trust in their partner, protecting their brand, and ensuring that the customer service process was seamless.

On all three counts, Booking Protect exceeded Mirvish’s hopes.

As Mirvish General Manager, Jim Aldridge says, “Working with Booking Protect couldn’t be easier. From the first moment we started talking with them, I could tell that they had the same values that we did around protecting our brand, customer service, and how we view doing business. This made the decision to pick Booking Protect easy.”

The Results:

Since engaging Booking Protect as their refund protection partner, Mirvish has seen their customer service issues around ticket cancellations drop to zero.

“Partnering with Booking Protect has been an amazing experience for us. They handle everything for us in an online, real-time way that really makes our customers happy,” Jim Aldridge shared about his experience as a Booking Protect partner. “We haven’t had any complaints from our customers and we have complete trust that Booking Protect will be true to our brand.”

About Booking Protect:

Booking Protect are the global leaders in Refund Protection partnering with over 350 organizations worldwide from global ticketing platforms to small venues, enabling them all to offer their clients a market leading refund protection product on non-refundable tickets.

Booking Protect is part of the Romero Group of companies that has over 20 years experience providing specialist insurance solutions to corporations, associations, and individuals.

Romero holds Chartered Broker Status an honor held by only 3% of its peers. As part of the Romero Group, Booking Protect has the strength and security of a large corporation but with an ability to innovate like a start-up.






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