Success Story: Ticket Central Brings Telesales In-House

The Situation

A client since 2009, Ticket Central leverages AudienceView technology to provide ticketing operations for a variety of theater, dance, opera and performance arts groups in New York City. Additionally Ticket Central provides support for fundraising efforts and events such as annual galas, special events, festivals, and telefundraising campaigns. The organization outsourced their telesales campaign operations, which they found to be expensive and inefficient. They struggled with the lack of control over the staff and management of the company they were using and became increasingly frustrated by the archaic nature of the operations that often resulted in misplaced leads and, ultimately, lost revenue.

The Decision

The idea to leverage AudienceView to bring their telesles in-house was born at AVConnect 2011, AudienceView’s annual user conference, when Ticket Central’s Business Manager Heather McLaren came to the realization that the organization could utilize their existing ticketing solution to manage the program rather than continuing to outsource.

McLaren and the Ticket Central team returned from the conference and began the process to build the program, while slowly phasing out the company they were currently using. After gaining companywide buy-in and support, she worked with AudienceView to kick off the transition by building a dataloader script to import customers and lead assignments. Once this first step was completed, the organization was then able to run their entire telesales operation using a single solution. The organization utilizes nearly the entire suite of AudienceView technology
to operate their in-house telesales campaign, including:

  • Detailed Business Intelligence (BI) reports to pull lead lists and analyze sales reports.
  • Use of AV Notes and My AudienceView for tracking all leads and sales.
  • Sales in real time with secure credit card transactions (no more paper leads).
  • Ability to book seats for customers at time of sale.
  • Application Security Control to limit what the callers can view or edit in the system.

The Solution

Since bringing the telesales program in-house, the organization has seen the following benefits (when compared to year-over-year historical data):

  • 39% increase in revenue (sales revenue has tripled).
  • 20% decrease in operating expenses.
  • The average cost per dollar earned dropped from $0.55 to $0.20.
  • Pay 1/3 of the commission, and less hourly wages overall, but the callers earn more.
  • Paid only 54% of last year’s expenses, for nearly twice as many weeks of calling.

Beyond the large increase in ticket sales, the organization has also enjoyed the following benefits since bringing the program in-house:

  • Increased control of the process and strategic initiatives.
  • Greater overall efficiency, resulting in the opportunity to reduce staff to only maintain top performers.
  • Significant cost savings through the use of in-house staff, space and equipment.

Anecdotally, the organization has also received positive feedback from their patrons who have reported a higher level of professionalism and superior customer service since the campaign program was brought in-house.

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