Success Story: The Lowry Theater


“Because we only receive £1 in funding for every £8 we earn commercially, we were looking for a simple way to earn more revenue,” explains Keith Kelly, Head of Ticketing for The Lowry & Quaytickets (the ticketing agent owned and operated by The Lowry).

With dining options, exhibition spaces and other ancillary services available at The Lowry, the team knew they had an opportunity to up-sell to their customers as they purchased a ticket, but they wanted to keep the process simple.

“Before this exercise, we were really only up-selling via our call center,” explains Kelly. As ticket buyers continue to move towards online purchases, The Lowry team wanted to ensure they were offering everything to complete an evening out for their patrons as well as suggesting a donation to ticket buyers.

This was especially vital as there are many dining, parking and pre-show entertainment options in the Salford Quays area within a short walking distance of the venue. The Lowry wanted to make sure its team was maximizing per-capita spends and encouraging patrons to devote as much of their evening entertainment dollars as possible to The Lowry organization.



The Lowry optimized its online customer journey using AudienceView to ensure targeted up-sells were presented at the right time during the purchase experience.

“We were able to utilize the online up-sell and add-on features to offer customers a wide range of extras for their experience with The Lowry,” Kelly says.

The Lowry has added every potential source of revenue to the customer journey. The organization now offers parking reservations, programmes and pre-show dining during the online sales process, all targeted alongside tickets being purchased.

“Dining reservations are an exceptional up-sell. Many customers will reserve up to a year in advance, and more importantly, pre-pay for their meals, so we knew that the money is coming in to The Lowry,” describes Kelly. “This really boosts our cash flow.”

For dining, AudienceView allows The Lowry to define time and date options so that customers can make reservations as they wish. The system is also very customizable from the back-end, allowing The Lowry to adjust capacities, times and reservations as required.

Another key up-sell The Lowry added was a suggested donation.

“We originally suggested a £1 donation with every ticket purchase,” notes Kelly. The strategy was to earn incremental donations while also bringing attention to the fact that The Lowry is a non-profit organization.

“We thought that, even if someone does not donate, at least they know we are a charity.”


At a Glance

  • 34% of customers pre-purchase parking online
  • 20% of ticket buyers make a donation to The Lowry during online customer journey



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