Success Story: Mesa Arts Center



As a comprehensive arts campus that houses multiple venues, Mesa Arts Center has over 1,500 ticketed events each year, including:

  • 900 classes
  • 300 days of daily admissions to the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum
  • 40 school day performances
  • 10 Mesa Amphitheatre concerts
  • 400 performances in four different theaters

“With four theaters, we can be ticketing more than 15 performances in any given week,” says Andrew Douglas, Director of Ticketing with Mesa Arts Center.

Mesa Arts Center has been using AudienceView for over 10 years. Initially, the organization chose AudienceView because they wanted a ticketing system able to meet all the requirements of a complex arts center, including handling a mix of museum admissions, event tickets and class registrations.

While many departments in the organization would have some exposure to the ticketing and CRM system—including development, finance, IT, marketing and the box office—configuration of all 1,500+ annual events is handled by a team of three people.



AudienceView has enabled the organization to easily manage its 1,500+ events with the existing staff of Mesa Arts Center.

“It has been very helpful having the ability to upload a large amount of event data into a ticketing system that automatically populates all of the required material needed to set up the more than 900 classes that we offer every year,” Douglas explains.

The team at Mesa Arts Center uses the data loader feature to configure all their classes systematically. “We were able to eliminate over three weeks of manual work for individual class configuration in the ticket system,” describes Douglas. “We eventually took this process even further to assist in auto populating the class event pages and filling in content for each class listing, eliminating the need to process the same information twice through a separate third-party website.”

Douglas continues, “Not only did this eliminate the manual process of configuring each class, but with additional keywords, data fields and criteria-specific article pages in AudienceView, we were able to create a system to automatically post all of the classes online in their corresponding genre.”

With 900 classes in over a dozen categories and 72 sub-categories and disciplines, this process has allowed the organization to increase their operational efficiency and better engage their customers. For example, the team can easily add pages that aggregate a particular instructor’s class offerings, allowing students to see what courses their favorite instructor is going to be leading in the coming months.

“Originally, what took two departments over three weeks to process into two separate systems is now processed in a few days within AudienceView by uploading raw data directly into the ticketing system,” says Douglas.



At a Glance

  • Ability for three individuals to manage over 1,500 events each year
  • Eliminate three weeks of work in configuring individual classes thanks to data loader tool



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