Success Story: Marin Theatre Company


Marin Theatre Company was seeking to improve its technology to enable a better customer experience while advancing the organization’s ability to meet its financial and mission-related goals.

“We were looking to upgrade our system,” explains Mira Greene, MTC’s General Manager. “We looked at several providers of systems that offered new features, which we knew would be beneficial to us and our patrons.”

A main consideration for the team was having a fully-integrated system. Previously, the organization was using separate systems for donations and ticketing, which did not offer a full view of patron and donor activity. “Our two systems did not speak to each other and weren’t designed to work together,” Greene explains. “We wanted everything to come together in one place so that we knew if someone bought a ticket, donated or both.”

As a medium-sized theatre company, there are plenty of options for software solutions that MTC evaluated. After their search, the team joined a growing number of performing arts organizations using AV Pro – AudienceView’s SaaS-based solution.



“AudienceView is key to our efficiency,” Greene proclaims. “We are getting a lot of mileage out of different features that have greatly improved how we operate.”

Marin Theatre Company went live with AV Pro in the summer of 2014 and has expanded its use of the solution since implementing it across the organization’s administrative departments.

“Going through a change in systems is always an intimidating process for arts organizations, but the team who helped us get up and running with AV Pro was absolutely amazing,” describes Greene.

During its search, MTC worked closely with industry veterans from AudienceView to get an understanding of why the solution was a good choice for a mid-sized theatre company like Marin. Following their decision, a team of professionals from AudienceView led the implementation process for MTC, ensuring that AV Pro would exceed expectations and that everything was working properly before going live.

“In the time we’ve been using AudienceView, we’ve found the company to be very responsive to our needs as a medium-sized theatre and, as a company that works closely with the entertainment industry, there are always interesting ideas we can borrow from other clients in our work.”


At a Glance

  • Gain full view of customers as patrons and donors thanks to a single system integrating both ticketing and fundraising
  • Use a SaaS-based solution to save IT resources and position organization as a technology leade



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