7 Strategies to Drive Ticket Sales Online

Could You Be Driving More Online Ticket Sales?

Your passionate community of event-goers and ticket buyers are waiting to hear about the entertainment options you provide for them to escape the every day. Are you maximizing the opportunity the online landscape provides for you to reach them where they are and evangelize the energy and excitement of your events?

Here are 7 strategies that drive online engagement and convert web traffic into ticket sales.

1. Bid on Google AdWords to promote your events Yes, you pay to play, but it works! Google Adwords is one of the best ways to find people who are already looking for an event in your area. Brainstorm terms you think prospective event-goers will be typing in and make sure you appear on page 1 at the top of the search.

2. Add Cybba's onsite engagement tools to keep visitors on your site Surfing the internet can seem one-sided, but what if the website you were on asked you a question?... And what if that website knew your name when it asked you a question? It's possible! You can add branded, mobile-friendly, contextually relevant & personalized messages to a visitor's site experience that encourage those visitors to action with Cybba. Cybba's onsite engagement solution integrates seamlessly with your website and treats each visitor as an individual, strengthening your relationship and guiding them on their path to purchase.

3. Ignite excitement through Programmatic Ads  Remind past web visitors why they love you with inviting and energizing banner and video ads! Targeting people who clicked your ad or visited your site in the past is a great way to keep them engaged with your brand. Videos showcasing the lights and action of your events will help push them over the edge when it is time to buy... And again, you only pay when they view or click on your ad.

4. Get your audience talking through paid social Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can humanize your brand and connect you directly with your audience. You can bring your venue and events to life by sharing behind the scenes content or snippets of event day to give your audience a taste of what they can experience when they purchase a ticket. Test different content styles and if they like what they see, they'll actively engage with the content – liking, commenting, and sharing the posts they find relevant. 

5. Engage people who left your site with a personalized email via Cybba So a prospective ticket buyer almost purchased, but left before checking out? That’s pretty common - on average 70% or more of your customers with an item in their cart will abandon before completing their transaction. You can add in an email remarketing solution that sends a personalized email to friendly remind prospective event goers that they’ve left tickets in the shopping cart and encourage them to return. These personalized email reminders can be delightful, timely, and drive even more desire for your events, as many people may have had an intent to buy, but were distracted and couldn’t complete the purchase.

6. Use Cybba's Display Retargeting to re-engage high-value, high-intent site visitors Less than 1% of web traffic converts on their first visit. The aim of retargeting is to recapture the high-intent and high-value customers among this 99%+ who didn’t convert and bring them back to buy tickets! Cybba uses data from the web visitor's interaction with your site and targets users based on their specific interests and demonstrated intent to buy. Next, they use different segmentation strategies to show the most relevant and personalized retargeting display ads possible to incentivize your would-be ticket buyers to come back to your site. 

7.  Spread the Word with Social Sharing  Phew!... Now, your customer has purchased a ticket! You may think that you've created all the customer touch points possible and the buyer journey is over. Well not quite yet. At this point of the journey, you can implement a social sharing solution on your confirmation page, allowing your customers to share their purchases on the social media of their choice. Posts generated by the solution include your logo, and a brief description of the event. Sales are more than 2.1 times higher when traffic is acquired through social shares, so make sure to not miss out on this!

There's no doubt about it - there's a lot of opportunity online. As online buying behavior changes, you'll need to use a variety of strategies to drive more ticket sales. Some of these strategies can seem daunting, but they don't have to be - we're here to help! AudienceView has comprehensive tools to manage Google Adwords, Programmatic Advertising, Retargeting, Display Advertising and Email Re-engagement strategies. 

Through Cybba, you can take advantage of these solutions and have the implementation and design of your ads taken care of. Their on-site, email, and display retargeting solutions pay for themselves, as you only pay once per successful conversion, regardless of how many touch points were used.

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Thomas Lafarge is the Product Marketing Manager for Cybba, a product offering in the Official AudienceView Partnership Ecosystem.