Podcast Episode: Jeremy Makins, Senior Associate AD, Yale Bulldogs

April 6, 2015

In 2013, Jeremy Makins spearheaded the efforts at Yale University to transition the athletic department to the AudienceView solution. They sell tickets, automate reports and emails, use business intelligence and are tracking fan engagement on a daily basis with AV’s web-based CRM, working to understand their fans better.

“I love being able to at sit home, log into the system, and see the activity,” Makins explained. “I’m checking our orders, making sure things are working properly, and looking for ways for it to behave better. I’m able to use my time so much more efficiently now using AudienceView than I did before.“

Makins earned a degree in Economics from the University of Michigan and got an itch to work in athletics. He turned down offers to work as a trader in the financial markets in Chicago and instead, started working as a volunteer in the University of Illinois Chicago’s athletic department. He moved east to the New Haven, Connecticut campus in 2008 and remains there today, where he currently serves at Associate AD for Ticket and Rink Operations.

In this interview with Greg Graziano, AudienceView’s Manager for Product Marketing, Jeremy shares how he’s changed since adopting the new solution and how fans have reacted to, among other things, receiving a simple email confirming their order.

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