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Convert More Web Visitors Into Ticket Buyers

“Shopping cart abandonment” happens when visitors add items to their online shopping cart, but exit without completing the purchase. It’s a problem all ecommerce companies face; however, online ticketing companies face one of the highest abandonment rates with an average of 81% cart abandonment and millions of dollars being left in carts every year. Increase revenue by 3-10% with targeted, digital advertising and only pay when it works!

You can retarget these would-be ticket buyers with leading edge technology designed to bring them back to your site to complete the purchase of the ticket to your events. We’ve researched the best-in-class strategies and technologies to bring you a seamless solution that’s proven to help you drive higher ticket sales and a larger audience to your events.

Cybba is a performance-driven technology company that helps you drive event tickets online, increase revenue, and lower your cost of acquisition. With Cybba, you can grow your revenue with increased website traffic and guaranteed conversions by creating customer touch points throughout the user journey. Cybba helps you increase your site’s conversions by:

  • Driving new qualified traffic to your site with display advertising;

  • Re-engaging customers on your site, as they are about to abandon, with an onsite engagement solution;

  • Recovering abandonments after customers leave your site with an email remarketing and display retargeting solutions; and

  • Treating each site visitor as an individual, with personalized messages and solutions that strengthen the customer experience.

Whether on mobile, tablet or desktop – and anywhere in their buying cycle – customers enjoy a unified, positive experience that builds loyalty and increases their lifetime value. And with a unique combination of remarketing and prospecting solutions, Cybba makes attracting and converting buyers more effective than any single solution.

Last but not least, with Cybba’s performance-driven model, their remarketing technologies pay for themselves. You pay only once per successful conversion, regardless of how many tactics or touch points were used, so the total cost of acquisition decreases. Cybba takes on your ad-spend risk by paying for all retargeting ad buys up front, to make budgeting easy and flexible.

You can get up and running in 24 hours:

  • Cybba’s solutions are cloud based - all you need to do is install one line of Java Script and they take care of the rest.

  • Cybba's design team uses your branding and leads with your organization to ensure that the branding and messaging reflects your organization and looks seamless with your website experience.

 Increase revenue by 3-10% with targeted, digital advertising and only pay when it works!

Getting started is easy!  

Fill out the submission form to explore your options!

If you would like to dig deeper into targeted digital advertising, check out this 25-minute on-demand webcast with the team from Cybba. 

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