3 Ways to Work with TheaterMania as an AudienceView Client

TheaterMania is the largest consumer facing property in the AudienceView family of brands. We reach avid theater goers through our website, opted-in email database and through social media.  Each day we publish over 20 pieces of content including news, reviews, videos, and interviews plus over 1,500 listings and curated ticket offers. 

We understand the business of theater, from branding to ticket sales and are passionate about delivering results for our clients. We connect arts organizations across the country with highly targeted and active audiences. As an AudienceView client, we are happy to create custom solutions based on your needs, but here are 3 ways we suggest you explore: 


As an AudienceView client, you have special access to the hundreds of articles, reviews, interviews, videos and photos that TheaterMania has produced... at no cost to you. Additionally, our editors love a scoop and would be happy to discuss providing editorial coverage of your shows.


Become an Affiliate

Listing with TheaterMania puts your shows in front of hundreds of thousands of potential ticket buyers, but listing as an affiliate makes your show stand out. We create a white label ticketing path which gives users a seamless buying experience. TheaterMania will promote your show and keep a percentage of revenue or a fee per ticket sold.

Advertise With Us

TheaterMania offers a variety of advertising products including 13 new units that are highly viewable and engaging.  Many of our clients work with us to move tickets quickly with our dedicated email blasts and high impact units. Our response rates are above industry average because our audience knows us as a trusted resource for ticket information and theater news.  As an AudienceView client, you automatically qualify for a discount.




To discuss any of the above opportunities, fill out the form below! 

You can also contact your CSM or Rosemary Maggiore, Publisher and COO of TheaterMania at 



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