The Art of Giving a Great Media Interview

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In a recent blog post, we offered nine tips for creating great media relationships.  As you are uncovering new connections and building rapport with journalists, you never know when an interview opportunity will emerge.  Here are six tips to help make sure you and your organization are ready for the spotlight!

  1. Know your message. Determine important points and supporting facts before giving an interview. Practice answering questions you anticipate being asked out loud.
  2. Drive home three points. Emphasizing a few important messages throughout an interview provides clarity for journalists. It also improves your chances of having your most important thoughts included in their story.
  3. Smile. In most cases, you will be sharing exciting news about an upcoming show, game or other organizational milestone. Smiling as you speak ensures you come across with warmth and sincerity, even on radio!
  4. Don’t rush your responses. Treat the interview like a conversation and speak slowly. This makes it easier for journalists who take notes to quote you accurately. In broadcast interviews, it makes editing and using your comments easier too.
  5. Be precise and concise. When answering questions, get to the point quickly and keep your answers brief. Short sentences are easier for readers, listeners and viewers to follow.
  6. Treat all conversations as “on the record.” Expect anything you say before, during and after an interview to be printed or played back publicly. All comments are fair game for reporters to use. Do not say something that you would not want to see in print or heard in a recording or broadcast.

We hope these tips will help you the next time the media comes calling.

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