In Good Company: What Our Employees Love About AudienceView

February 14, 2019 Nick Begley

At AudienceView, we work hard and play hard so that we are always succeeding together – with both our peers and our live entertainment industry clients.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to find words that describe how proud we are of our company and its culture. So, we asked around! 

Our cool offices in the theater districts of Toronto, New York and London, the allowance we have to attend live events, the bottomless snack cupboard, and our bagel Wednesdays and ‘Thirsty Thursdays’ are definite perks, but AudienceView is so much more.

Here are 16 tributes from team members across departments and geographies. Did we mention we’re hiring too?!

Shared Passion!

“The thing I love about working at AudienceView is being part of a shared sense of passion for what we do. I was a client of AudienceView from 2003 and what struck me then, and it's still apparent now, is everyone’s love of the industry. AudienceView’s mix of former industry professionals, technical wizards and committed leadership continue to make AudienceView stand out as we work together to deliver what our clients want and need. We all share the single goal. We're committed to the success of our customers. Long may that continue!”
– David Luker, Director, UK Customer Success (Southampton, UK)

“The thing I love most about working at AudienceView is the opportunity to apply my passion for software development to an industry that is as interesting and relatable as it is challenging. Working with people who are just as passionate about live entertainment, whether it's the performing arts or athletics, is a pretty good way to spend a working day.”
– Cory Serratore, Software Architect - Team Lead (Toronto)

Great People!

“I love working at AudienceView because our team has a variety of amazing personalities, which makes it enjoyable to interact with each other every day!”
– Tara Hoffner, Office Manager (Toronto)

“The thing I love most about working at AudienceView are the people! From working with AudienceView as a client, to joining the company in the UK through to moving to work in Canada, the people have always been helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.”
– Vic Williams, Project Manager (Toronto)

"The thing I love most about working at AudienceView is the lifelong friends that I have made over the years. I'm amazed at the number of people of I have grown to appreciate and respect both inside and outside of work."
– Jeff Sarna, Project Manager (Vancouver)

“Working with experienced, thoughtful and supportive colleagues who are passionate about our industry and the success of our customers and partners keeps me motivated every single day. I feel valued and empowered – and I am always learning.”
– Kati McCarvill, Director, Finance (Toronto)

“The thing I love most about Audienceview is the people – the mix of people, and how they work so hard and manage to have fun at the same time. I’m always hearing loud bits of laughter around the office and it always picks up my day.”
– Blaire Coady, People Operations Coordinator (Toronto)

“What I love most about AudienceView is its people. Getting an opportunity to work alongside the team and our clients to deliver on their business outcome is a daily motivator. Working on our projects with a team that is committed, smart and has fun along the way makes a world of difference.”
– Jo-Ann Chiam, Senior Director, Customer Engagement (Toronto)

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

“I joined AudienceView for the people and I have not been disappointed. This is the most collaborative environment I have worked in with people who genuinely love their jobs and the live entertainment industry, especially theater. Knowing we bring a great product to people all over the world is also a huge plus.”
– Rosemary Maggiore, Publisher & COO, AudienceView Media Division (New York, NY)

“The thing I love most about working at AudienceView is the team. We are spread across the globe, yet when we are working on projects together, it can seem as though we are next to each other – just getting it done.”
– Jenna Raimondi, Senior Manager, Team Enablement (Fargo, ND)

“I love working with universities, specifically athletic departments. After spending 9 years in college athletics, I developed a great respect for folks that are creative and think outside the box as well as bust their tails and work crazy #SportsBiz hours.”
– Michael Hughes, Business Development Manager (Denver, CO)

“What’s not to love about working for AudienceView? I get to work with a brilliant and dedicated group of pros aligned to ensure our arts clients have the tools necessary to achieve their noble missions. Lucky me!”
– Tony Jilek, Director, Strategic Account Management (Houston, TX)

“The thing I love most about working at AudienceView is the collaborative approach. Everyone wants to win for the team, and that team definitely includes our customers.”
– John Finn, Customer Success Manager (Birmingham, UK)

So Much Variety!

“The thing I love most about working at AudienceView is our extremely diverse customer base and all the wonderful and sometimes unexpected ways they use our products. We cover such a wide range of organizations but the thing that connects them all is the passion that people have for what they’re doing. It’s great to work in such a dynamic industry.”
– Richard Stone, Managed Services Program Manager (Toronto)

“What I love about working at AudienceView is the variety – in our customers, in our products and in our people. I love that we support arts organizations, Broadway, college athletics, hockey teams, racetracks, museums, dance companies and so much more. And that we do it not just with software, but also with advertising platforms, behind-the-scenes news stories and membership clubs. As a marketer, I get to work on each piece of this business, how lucky am I?! Now, imagine the variety of roles and the people with the breadth of skills and experience it takes to run that kind of business – they’re the icing on this cake.”
– Kara Parkinson, Sr Director, Marketing (Toronto)

So Much Fun!

“In my time with the organization, I’ve come to really love so many things. I absolutely love its location in downtown Toronto close to some amazing restaurants and venues. I love the passion of our team, including their professionalism and customer-first attitude. I can’t forget to mention the exposure I now get to the arts and entertainment world. Perhaps most importantly, I love dealing with AudienceViews clients. They are not just customers but ‘partners’ in the business and you can see this every day.”
– Hutch Morzaria, Director, Customer Support (Toronto)

Yes, it’s true. AudienceView is all this and more. We’re hiring and we’d love to hear from you!

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