How Playhouse Square Uses Data and Integrated Marketing to Increase Holiday Sales

December 18, 2018

Playhouse Square, the largest U.S. performing arts center outside of New York, has leveraged the excitement of Cyber Monday since 2014 with its annual HoliDeals promotion. 

The week-long marketing campaign runs shortly after Thanksgiving and offers discounts on some of the organization’s most popular events – giving arts patrons a great way to wrap up their holiday shopping.

After moving to AudienceView in August 2018, the Playhouse Square team wanted to give their annual promotion a fresh new look. This was achieved by leveraging the platform’s integrated marketing tools and creating some very merry messaging to engage their patrons.

Leading up to the HoliDeals promotion, Playhouse Square emailed a brief survey to their patrons. ‘When do you do your holiday shopping?’ and ‘Who are you buying gifts for this season?’ were among the questions asked.

Each patron’s responses were saved in their customer profile to inform future targeted campaigns. For example, last-minute shoppers could receive gift card information in the final days – and hours – before Christmas.

Playhouse Square also used the data immediately to create an engaging HoliDeals experience. 

After each guest completed the questionnaire, they quickly received an automated follow-up email that placed them on the HoliDeals ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ list. 

This kicked off a personalized marketing journey for each customer. While everyone received the same discounts, all future emails were branded based on the list to which the patron was assigned.

When patrons were ready to buy tickets, they were directed to unique microsites hosted on the AudienceView platform. Each microsite was branded to match the ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ theme, including fun language to enhance the customer experience:
“…So you’ve made the ‘naughty’ list. We’re not happy about it, but we’re going to give you some HoliDeals out of the kindness of our hearts.”
HoliDeals 2018 was an extremely successful campaign for Playhouse Square. 
“Playhouse Square is dedicated to creating memorable experiences for our customers. Our team is always thinking up unique campaigns to promote engagement and we’re excited to continue working with AudienceView to make our ideas a reality,” said Jason Swank, Director of Marketing for Playhouse Square. “This campaign gave Playhouse Square one other thing to be happy about – over 80% of our patrons were on the ‘nice’ list this season!”

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