5 Questions with Tara Scudder

1. What is your role at TheaterMania?

I tell people that I do digital advertising for Broadway shows, but in reality it's so much more. 

My job can get quite technical, so in layman's terms, I'm the tech-nerd who codes in the ads that you see throughout TheaterMania.com. 

I also put together e-blasts (often with special discount offers!) and create campaign summary reports peppered with charts and tables. No two days are the same in my universe, as the world of digital advertising is constantly changing!

Oh, I must confess, I'm also the one behind the scenes who puts together programmatic re-targeting campaigns. This means I track you down and remind you to see a Broadway show while you're viewing the weather or reading the news.

2. Why should arts organizations include TheaterMania advertising in their annual marketing budget?

TheaterMania.com is the go-to source for everybody who is passionate about Broadway shows and live theater. 

We attract an audience of about a quarter million people each month who are actively seeking show information, unbiased reviews and discount ticket offers. 

Your message can appear alongside our trusted content for people who are often considering a purchase. 

We have a wide variety of advertising options that can meet your specific needs, whether that’s to build awareness for your show or sell out the house. 

Plus, you have access to a magician over here who makes sure your message reaches just the audience you're looking to reach :)

3. You’ve claimed that Twitter changed your life. We’re intrigued. Tell us more.

I moved here from Alaska to pursue my passion of being in the live entertainment industry. 

Twitter's beautiful as it gives you an unfiltered look into how somebody really thinks and feels, especially when it comes to a niche subject matter of mutual interest. 

Through Twitter, I was able to get directly in touch with people who assisted me on my dream-chasing journey. I think it's an underutilized, underappreciated resource for networking as it lacks the pretense of other social networking applications. 

4. What lessons did you learn during your childhood in The Last Frontier that's made you the adult you are today?

The icebox of Alaska provided the training ground for me to find and create opportunities for myself. 

Travelling up to Alaska wasn't an easy or cheap task for many performing artists on tour, so we often would only have one or two shows a year that I wanted to see. I grew up eagerly counting down the dozens of days until I got to see a concert by an artist I loved.

One day, I took matters into my own hands and created flyers for my classmates to vote our school to win a free concert in a nationwide contest...and won! 

That was the moment which started the snowball effect that's built up my experience to what it is now. I've identified ways to abstractly achieve my goals leveraging past experience that trickles down to that moment, which got me elected onto my school's concert board. 

Also, it taught me that the world can keep turning even when there’s more than six inches of snow. There's no such thing really as a "snow day" in Alaska – you're usually still expected to drive into work or go to school. 

5. What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before?

Honestly, I'm one of those YOLO-types that just jumps out on a limb on a whim, so I've pretty much tackled my bucket list growing up. 

That said, I still have one thing on my list – to go on a road trip. I've been patiently waiting for cars to drive themselves, but I'm getting quite antsy having a something on my list that I haven't done yet. I want to go see what the warm land of the South is like, which is natural since I come from an icebox. Gallivanting around and stopping to eat everything sounds like a great adventure.

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