5 Questions with Sara Chebishev

1. What is your role at AudienceView?

I am a Customer Success Manager but have also served in other capacities in the eight years I’ve worked for the organization. 

In my current role, I work with organizations that selected the AudienceView platform for its flexibility and to meet their individual business goals. Our clients’ journey with the platform drives my passion every single day, especially as I see them begin to really drive revenue, operate more efficiently and engage with their customers using AudienceView!

2. You’ve worked in live events for most of your career. What fuels your enthusiasm for the industry?

It’s hard to beat the moment when the lights go down or the team comes on the field and the event begins. Being part of making that magical moment happen is so rewarding and really contributes to my love for live entertainment. 

The roles we play behind the scenes are so important and to share that experience with everyone is amazing. Of course there are challenges as we prepare for that moment – but, as the saying goes, the show must go on. Knowing that there are audiences smiling, cheering, singing, laughing and immersing themselves in whatever event they’ve chosen to attend is extremely rewarding.

3. You’re a very active member of the International Ticketing Association (INTIX). Why should people join the organization?

There are so many reasons! INTIX is all about networking, camaraderie and opportunities to really learn from our peers. After joining INTIX, I’ve never felt isolated or alone as a ticketing professional. Instead, I feel part of an incredibly passionate profession. As an INTIX member, I always know what’s new and trending in the industry because of the newsletters, content hub and the annual conference. When you attend an INTIX conference be sure to listen, learn and then put your hand out and start introducing yourself. The payoff is huge.

4. What living person, other than family members, do you most admire?

Kathrine Virginia "Kathy" Switzer was the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon in 1967. It isn’t that she set out to be the first woman to do it, it is that she just wanted to prove to herself that she could run the 26.2 miles. At one point in the race, an official tried to push her out of the race, but her running partners blocked him.

For many years, women were still considered “too fragile” to compete in distance running. Women were not allowed to race officially in the Boston Marathon until 1972. It wasn’t until 1984 that distance running was an event for women in the Olympics. Kathrine Switzer was a television commentator for the event. 

I admire that she has continued to promote women in the sport and provided a path for my daughter to compete today.

5. Work-life balance is important. What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

I love spending time with my daughter and family, photography, hiking, skiing and just being outdoors.

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