5 Questions with Mike Hinson


1. You’re an industry veteran – why AudienceView?  

After a few years away, I was drawn back to the energy and challenges of athletics. With a certain perspective from the outside, I was intrigued to learn more about AudienceView’s products and execution. Once I did, I was hooked.

The leaps forward that we can offer many organizations are powered by more than a platform or SaaS offering that is ahead of the pack. We’re an organization with a culture that is uniquely driven towards the success of our customers. I felt that my 10+ years working in the athletics industry as well as my experience in other sectors could add value in helping our customers succeed.

2. What is the main challenge in the marketplace and how can college athletics departments solve it?

Establishing a successful cadence to meet departmental goals. Whether it’s fan engagement or revenue objectives, we’re no doubt in a rapidly changing marketplace. Many athletics departments that are perpetually catching up can benefit greatly from a partner that engages and actually pushes them to better define and attain their goals.

3. As a company, AudienceView is obsessed with helping its customers succeed. What does a successful customer look like to you?  

They take pride in sharing their successes with the community. They are self-referencing in the small world of college athletics. For AudienceView to play an important role in those successes, and celebrate with them, is the biggest win of all for us.

4. Other than watching college sports, what activity allows you to achieve a work-life balance?  

Honestly, just hanging around the house and working in the yard.  With no kids at home for the first time, I'm still figuring that one out.

5. What’s the best sporting event you’ve attended?  

Best for me relates to how emotionally involved I was, so either my daughter's riding competitions or my son's high school baseball games. I also always love Orioles or Braves games when I can make it out.

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