5 Questions with Kara Parkinson

1. What is your role at AudienceView?

I lead our marketing team and programs. My goal is to make sure live entertainment organizations are able to easily find us and learn how they can solve their day-to-day challenges using our software products and media brands.

2. Your background is in consumer packaged goods. What’s a lesson learned in that world that you’ve applied to your current role as a B2B marketer?
I came into tech after spending the first half of my career working on consumer products like Nestle water, Gatorade and Glad garbage bags. That phase of my career taught me to keep the thrill of any product alive for myself. Marketing a commodity product like bottled water could have been a bit dull, but I focused on why it mattered to the people buying it – for example, that it gave them something clean and safe to drink or made it convenient for them to stay hydrated on the sidelines of their kid’s soccer game.

At AudienceView, it’s easy to be excited about my work every single day. Marketing B2B products like our portfolio of solutions lets me celebrate how we help staff at venues and also the part we play in connecting passionate fans to the live events they love. I go to lots of concerts, musicals, plays and games so I never lose sight of how lucky I am to be supporting an industry that I love too.

3. What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before?
I’ve had the opportunity to do so many new things over my time at AudienceView. For example, I went to my first-ever college football game at the University of Tennessee in the fall of 2018. College football just isn’t a thing where I live in Canada.

As I continue to learn more about our clients, I’m fascinated by the breadth and creativity of what they are doing at their organizations. I want to continue to visit these locations so I can watch their shows, see their games, experience their offerings and learn from them as industry experts. Doing this will help me continue to increase my understanding of what our clients need from AudienceView to achieve their unique business goals.

4.  You’re an avid curler. Tell us why we should pick up the sport.
My husband and I started curling several years ago just to try something new. I am one of the least sporty and least coordinated people you’ll ever meet. It seemed like it would be easy and, most importantly to us, very social. What I’ve found is that while anyone can curl, it’s a sport that very few can do very well. So, we are continuing to learn and improve. And while we hoped it would be social, we had no idea just how social it would be. It’s now something we do several times a week for the joy of seeing hundreds of friends. Curling has also taken us around the world to participate in bonspiels (amateur tournaments), including competitions across Canada and in Inverness, Scotland and Knoxville, Tennessee.

5. Where is your ‘happy place’?

I have a lot of happy places. At work, it’s when our whole marketing team is together. In my personal life, it’s at our cottage north of Toronto. I love being in the boat cheering on our friends and their kids as they wake surf while I pretend to patiently wait for my turn. In the fall and winter, sitting on the comfy couch in front of our wood stove while reading my second or third book of the weekend is pretty great too.

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