5 Questions with Joe Guglielmo

1. What does your typical (work) day look like?

Each day is new and different, so there is not a lot that is typical. I spend time answering RFPs, doing software demos, adding value for our customers and thinking strategically about the way that the AudienceView platform drives benefits in various business environments.

2. You’re an industry veteran who has worked for a number of different arts organizations. How does that experience help you in your current role at AudienceView?

My history helps me look at the AudienceView solution from the perspective of an arts organization. I’ve been an Executive Director, General Manager and Patron Services Director among other roles, so I can look at questions being posed and problems that need solutions with a view of the entire organization. This experience allows me to address the varying needs of each department. I also feel that everyone in an arts organization needs to work in the box office to understand the entire lifecycle of a customer and how the data that is captured there allows organizations to grow and succeed.

3. What trend should arts administrators be paying close attention to? 

From a commercial point of view, I think there will continue to be a question about the secondary market and pricing and how one can work with them to maintain control and revenue.

Subscriptions versus memberships is also a trend to watch as ticket-buying habits and audiences change. More Millennials are advancing into leadership positions and they are looking at different models to retain customers, attract new guests, offset the loss of aging subscribers and build the audiences of tomorrow.

4. You travel often for work. Give us a travel hack that would make our travel more enjoyable (or efficient).

From a work perspective, I photograph all of my receipts as I get them so that I can easily submit my expenses. My second tip is to always have a source of entertainment with you. I tend to work on flights, but have a book or crossword puzzle just in case I can’t connect. Also, try to explore the city you are visiting. Get out of the hotel to see and try something new.

5. After a long day at work, what do you do to unwind?

I’m really lucky to live where I do! To unwind, I jump on a sailboat and go sailing or racing. There is nothing like the sound of wind in the sails while watching the sun set with a cocktail in your hand.

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