5 Questions with Jenna Raimondi

1. What is your role at AudienceView?

I am the Senior Manager of Team Enablement on the sales operations team. My main focus is assisting the sales team, including helping configure demo environments, organizing collateral requests and creation, and project management of RFPs and proposals.

2. Tell us about the career journey that brought you to AudienceView.

When I was gearing up for my freshman year at the University of Minnesota, my brother informed me that I would be applying for a job in the Gopher ticket office, where he was working. This was not a choice. My interview was scheduled during my freshman orientation in June and my first day on the job was my first day of college.

I spent the next 3.5 years in the Gopher ticket office, moved to a role in the athletics development office for my final semester, then returned to the ticket office as the Customer Service Manager after graduation. In this role, I enjoyed learning more about the business and operations of a ticket office. 

Eight years later, when my family was moving to New Jersey, my experience on the AudienceView platform made it possible for me to join the New York Red Bulls as Ticket Systems Manager. I spent two seasons there, creating efficiencies and expanding the use of AudienceView for their business operations. It was interesting to see the differences between collegiate athletics and professional athletics from a ticket operations perspective. There are definitely a lot of similarities, but also many differences.

After two years, my family was making another move, which meant leaving the Red Bulls. This is when I had the opportunity to join the AudienceView family. I’ve since held multiple roles on our sales and marketing team – all of them have utilized my background to educate others on the power of AudienceView.

3. What did you learn in the ticket office that helps you do your current job better?

The importance of presenting ideas. My first boss after college promoted change. If you thought something could be done better, he encouraged you to share your ideas. Some were turned down, others were implemented, but all were discussed and considered by our team.

The process of planning, documenting and presenting my ideas is something I have done – and encourage others to do – in every role I’ve held. It helps me to have a positive outlook on possibilities and how we can get there, rather than think negatively and complain about the status quo.

4. What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your LinkedIn profile?

Growing up, I was involved in a lot of different activities, but every year during the County Fair, my time was dedicated there. I was typically at the fair from open to close every day, working in a booth or food stand, or hanging out with my friends. One year I was a pageant queen and the next year I had a grand champion beef steer in 4-H.

5. What is the last live event you attended?

I recently attended a local parade with my family. I have a one-year-old daughter who loves to greet people. She enjoyed the parade so much! She sat on our laps, bouncing up and down, frantically waving and saying "Hi!" to everyone who passed by in the parade. It didn't matter that she had skipped her nap, she was very energetic through the entire two-hour event. There are so many ways to enjoy live entertainment and, as a parent, I now have the joy of experiencing a wider range of event types with my family.

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