5 Questions with Darryl Singer

1. Tell us about your role at AudienceView
I am the VP of Sales for North America. My team sells the AudienceView and OvationTix products to every type of live events organization, including multi-purpose venues, theaters, colleges and universities, festivals and more. Basically, if our software is right for your business, my team wants to talk to you!
2. What excites you most about the live events industry?
As a massive consumer of live entertainment, I’m drawn to being part of the production and management of the events themselves. This is less from a frontline performance perspective and more about the secret magic of what keeps shows rocking. While this may not sound as sexy as the performance itself, our entire industry would hit a wall without great tech to run all types of venue operations. Helping our customers find the solution that meets their needs is what drives me!
3. You’ve spent the majority of your career in advertising and AdTech. What lessons did you learn that you apply in your role as a VP of Sales at AudienceView?  
Much like the ticketing industry, the advertising industry is built on relationships. And much like the ticketing business, the ad business has spent the decade moving towards SaaS sales models. I’ve made a career building SaaS sales organizations in an industry where that was not the legacy behavior. Included in this is the most important piece for a software company, predictable revenue models. This means ensuring that anyone who wants to can look at our pipeline and determine where we stand from a revenue perspective for the foreseeable future with pretty decent certainly on the accuracy of the data. On top of this, I’ve also worked in some pretty amazing corporate environments, so that creative, forward-thinking culture comes with me on this journey.
4. What’s the best career advice you’ve been given?
“If your team is crushing it, you’ll look good.” I don’t need the spotlight, but I do need to support my team to take the spotlight and succeed. If they look great, then I’ve done my job. A leader should never take credit for an individual’s success. Instead, let your team members be appreciated for their great work.
5. You have your own late night talk show – who do you invite as your first guest and why?
Didier Drogba. As a diehard Chelsea Football Club supporter, he is among my favorite footballers of all time. More importantly, he is probably the most interesting person to have played for my beloved Blues. As a player he was incredible – two-time African Player of the year and highest scoring foreign player in Chelsea FC history. He’s also famous for crushing it when it counts. Drogba always shows up in big matches; including the most important match in CFC history, the UEFA Champions League in 2012, where he scored in the 88th minute to send the match to extra time and then kicked the final penalty to win. 

Then there’s his charity work. Drogba is credited with single-handedly ending five years of civil war in his home country of Ivory Coast in 2007. After helping the Ivory Coast qualify for the 2006 World Cup, he made a desperate plea to the combatants, asking them to lay down their arms. His appeal resulted in a ceasefire. Through the Didier Drogba Foundation, he is also known for raising and sharing funds. He personally donated £3 million ($4.5 million) from his endorsement deal with Pepsi, which helped build five health clinics across his home country, including one in his hometown of Abidjan. His foundation is also deeply involved in causes like the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and Ebola.

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