5 Questions with Alex Indelicato

1. Tell us about your role at AudienceView.

My role is about challenging and empowering our product team to use analytics as a catalyst when making product-based decisions. I ensure that our team always has data at their fingertips so they can make more informed choices. As well, I'm responsible for retrieving any additional data they may need and for providing answers to their questions.

2 What trend do you see in the business of live entertainment that organizations should be paying close attention to and why?

I think we are starting to see an even stronger importance on how to engage with customers digitally and socially. Subscription-based ticketing is ushering in a new era of customers who are willing to pay an ongoing monthly fee to attend live events – and they want to get everything they need quickly using their smartphone. Once at the event, it is now all about the social experiences in the venues. The days of sitting in your seat for a full game are slowly fading. Customers often want to move around and many are attracted to areas of a venue that allow you to engage socially with friends while taking in the game or show.

3. You volunteer your time as a youth football coach. What have you learned from this experience?

I’ve learned a lot coaching youth football and it has transitioned into my career at AudienceView as well. Specifically, there are transferable skills like the importance of instilling positive values, developing patience and being adaptable – not every player learns in the same way and not every client is the same. But I think the most important value I have learned from coaching is to have fun. When everyone is having fun they are enjoying special moments with their team. The live entertainment industry is no different; we do what we do because we enjoy it and have fun with it. We work in an industry that wants us to walk away with a smile or an enjoyable memory we will share for years.

4. Who had the most influence on you growing up and why?

Without a doubt, my parents. They taught me the importance of always working hard and never giving up. My dad’s favorite line has always been, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” This stuck with me through university and now it resonates in my career. No matter how tough some of the challenges that come my way may be, I’ll never giving up trying and giving my best effort.

5. Seen anything lately that made you smile?

Seeing the recent successes of clients I have worked with always puts a smile on my face. Often, the foundation work is most challenging and an area of focus for me when I’m working with a client. So, when down the road I read articles about how well a client like Troy University is doing selling out their games, this makes me smile!


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