4 Ways to Boost Ticket Sales, Donations and Relationships in the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us – and consumers are busy making a list and checking it twice.  

Each wants to find the perfect gift for family and friends, including those who’ve been naughty and those who’ve been nice. 

AudienceView and its merry band of elves are here to help ensure your live events organization will be sleigh-in it this season when Santa comes to town. 

Here are some of our very best holiday recommendations to help get your events and associated offerings under the tree: 

1. Help Consumers Find the Perfect Gift. Sweaters are swell. Gadgets are great. But experiences create memories that are cherished forever. We’ve put together tips to drive last-minute holiday shopping in performing arts and revenue + attendance in college athletics so you’ve got every consumer covered.

2. Use Data and Integrated Marketing to Increase Holiday Sales. After moving to AudienceView in August 2018, Playhouse Square gave its annual HoliDeals promotion a fresh new look. They combined integrated marketing tools and some very merry messaging to create a personalized marketing journey that landed each patron on the nice or naughty list. Want to know how they did it? Say snow more – just check out this story! Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves…

3. Encourage Giving. Many people feel particularly philanthropic around the holidays, so it’s a wonderful time of year to reach out and ask for support. Consider targeting micro-donors to boost your organization’s pipeline of future donor prospects. Raising $90 in this way can be more beneficial than raising $100 – here’s why.  Performing arts organizations can also work to leverage sustained giving, which really is a gift that keeps on giving.

4. Treat Your Customers with Respect. You’re probably thinking, “Well, of course we do.” But being respectful isn’t just about how your team treats people at the venue. It’s important to create an inclusive environment by respecting gender pronouns. This spans the online experience when someone buys a ticket or makes a donation as well as email marketing too. 

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In Conversation: Rosemary Maggiore, COO/Publisher, AudienceView Media Division
In Conversation: Rosemary Maggiore, COO/Publisher, AudienceView Media Division

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